Pharmaceutical Crimp Top Vials
Pharmaceutical / Serum Vials and Bottles with a Crimp Top Finish
Pharmaceutical / Serum Crimp-Top Vials
We have been able to source a high quality range of Glass Serum Vials and Bottles for pharmaceutical and medical applicatlons. Typically we supply vials/bottles made to Chromalytic Stock Specifications or ISO 8362 Standards with a 13mm or 20mm Crimp-Top Finish. Vials and Bottles are available in Clear or Dark Amber Borosilicate Glass (Type I, Type II or Type III Glass). 

Chromalytic Stock Specification Vials : 

ISO 8362 Standards Vials  :  

Type I Borosilicate Glass : 

Type II Borosilicate Glass :

Type III Borosilicate Glass :
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