Pharmaceutical Crimp Top Caps
Caps and Seals for Pharmaceutical / Serum Vials and Bottles with a Crimp Top Finish
Crimp Top Caps and Seals for Pharmaceutical / Serum Vials
Size and Range Overview : with so many manufacturers and suppliers of Vial Caps, we have sourced our products so that they work together for complete a high quality finish. We offer a large range of colours and style of caps for the 13mm, 20mm 30mm and 32mm Crimp Top Vials. Check our Chromatography Section  if you need caps for the 8mm and 11mm Crimp Top Vials 

Standard Aluminium Caps

Plain Flip-Off Caps :  

West Pharma Flip-Off Caps (premium) : 

Centre Tear Out Caps :

Side Tear Off Caps :
13mm Crimp Top Caps
20mm Crimp Top Caps
30mm Crimp Top Caps
32mm Crimp Top Caps
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